#ThrowbackThursday Christopher Leaders

July 2008 Class Photo 2“CLT has given me more confidence and many new ways, ideas, and resources on how to begin a ministry that is very close to my heart.  I also know that if I have any struggles in any form I could call on anyone of my friends and they would be there to help me.”

 –Debbie Pardini


“Christopher Leadership Training has inspired me to be a better speaker and taught me how to work on moving forward, and how to overcome obstacles in different areas of my life.”

 –John P. Orzechowski


“CLT certainly opened up my inner self to stand up and be able to speak with enthusiasm.  I would like to practice all that I’ve learned.  Most of all I enjoyed sharing with others and learning from them.  This training has really enriched my mind, heart, and soul.”

         –Sushila DeSouza


“CLT refreshed my memory about the golden rule and that I only have to worry about doing my job in those terms with no strings attached, the rest will come by itself.  Sharing time with people and being able to encourage and connect emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually regardless of our religion.”

           —Ana Maldonado


“I came seeking courage to speak in public in preparations for being a Lector at Mass.  I believe I found that and more.  Learning about brainstorming, flow, etc. was good practice.  The instructors are something else.  They are blessed with so many talents”


                                   —Art Johns


“Christopher Leadership Training has given me the knowledge of more gifts than I can count.  It is my responsibility to give those gifts away.  I must take the concrete steps to carry out this process and ask for help when I need it.  Because God wants to use me and everyone else as an instrument of his peace.

                                                              –Wayne Smith

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