The Overemphasis on Self






“Parents, directors, and teachers too often are so preoccupied with protecting the young that they overemphasize self-preservation, self-sanctification, self-development, and self-enjoyment.  Without intending any harm, they give their children the impression they have only one mission in life – to take care of themselves. Little do they realize this is only part of Christianity; that by failing to pass on the fullness of Christ’s message they are clipping the wings of their own children, fencing them in, depriving them of the more abundant and interesting life that God meant them to have.  And in many instances they are heading for the monotony, the frustration, even the tragedy that is the inevitable result of too much concentration on self.”  Father James Keller, You Can Change the World, Copyright 1948, The Christophers, New York, New York.

Wow! I am really enjoying re-reading You Can Change the World.  We’ve come a long way since 1948, haven’t we?

Meditation:  Do I understand the difference between the uniqueness of the individual as a child of God and the rampant individualism of modern culture?

One person can make a difference-but not alone, and for the good of all rather than merely for self-preservation, self-satisfaction, and self-glorification.

One more thought:

Are we spending more energy worrying about how the President is spending National Prayer day than we are investing our heart in praying, working, and encouraging the emergence of Christ-centered leaders?

Let’s make it a fruitful National Prayer Day.

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