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Leadership Lessons

15 LEADERSHIP LESSONS FROM ST. JOSEMARIA ESCRIVA St. Josemaria Escriva was a natural leader. In the world of business or politics, he could have been what the world would consider a “great man.” Instead, he became a priest and dedicated his considerable talents to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, pouring his ...

Throw Back Thursday

Do you know when this was taken?  We do know that it’s priceless and there are more to

Graduation Class!


Un buen número de Cristóforos graduados en las clases del invierno, 2014, se dieron cita en el Curso C.L.A.V.E. el pasado 5 de Abril, en la parroquia de San Bartolomé, y como verdaderos tigres, mostraron todas sus destrezas. — at St Bartholomew's Church.   ...