new pic1Rich Wenzl

“It’s all Christopher Leadership”

Rich Wenzl is a dedicated Christian, Family Man, and Entrepreneur.

What ties it all together? Christopher action in the world provides the foundation and is the common denominator of all his pursuits.

Rich took the Christopher Leadership Course in 1982, hoping to gain a little confidence and some speaking skills. He received what he sought and so much more: a guiding light for sound relationships and high achievement, and a formula for making a difference in business, the community and relationships.

Rich believes: “I do, you CAN too!”

Rich Wenzl has led Wenzl & Co. from humble beginnings in 1987 into an innovative source in strategically executing brand in-store marketing and merchandising programs. The Wenzl success has been accomplished through the dedication of a select team of skilled professionals working under a few core principles and values: Integrity in all actions; we will create the smartest and most affordable worldwide manufacturing solutions. “Our goal is to educate, motivate and promote powerful in-store brand visibility and consumer awareness. The customer can always expect…innovative brand marketing.”

Rich is known by his customers, suppliers, community connections and friends for his ceaseless energy, creativity and his “yes we can” attitude. He focuses continuously on bringing value to every encounter.

Rich is an accomplished speaker and leads interactive sessions with only one rule: everyone in the room must learn something and do something with what they’ve learned.

Warning: Rich’s enthusiasm is contagious and may be hazardous to your stagnation!

HildaHilda Lozano

Your Best is Yet to Come!

Hilda Lozano was professionally trained as an accountant, raising small children by herself, and doing just fine by most accounts. But in her heart she knew God had more in store for her…She sensed there must be a way to further develop her God-given talents and to better serve in the world. A friend and co-worker took a course on self-confidence and public speaking, but did not suggest it for Hilda because she determined Hilda already possessed these skills. But Hilda saw the growth in her friend and insisted to learn more about this course. Hilda ended up taking the Christopher Leadership Course simultaneously in Spanish and English, and this “little” spark became a brush fire for good, not only in the Latino and Anglo community of Chicago, but also in Mexico, Columbia, Houston, and Lord only knows how many lives have been positively touched by her gift of teaching and tireless promotion.

Hilda is currently the director of Liderazgo ChristÓforo and dedicates every day of her life to believing the best in others and spreading the Christopher ideal.

IMG_0963Consuelo Sandoval

The Heart of Christopher Leaders

When people first come to Christopher Leadership programs and events, they often comment on the warmth and enthusiasm present in our gatherings. If this comment seems abstract in the least to you, pick up the phone and dial (773) 481-0628. You’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself to Consuelo, and you’ll quickly see that she has the gifts of hospitality, teaching, and a sincere concern for the benefit of others. Consuelo is the head (notice how even our language refers to head) of promotion in both Spanish and English, an instructor of the course in Spanish, and gives her heart (that’s what we’re really talking about) to everyone she meets.

Shutty_M_170R111111Mike Shutty

“I’ve learned to stop trying so hard to separate work life from the spiritual life and to remember always that all relationships are gifts.”

Mike brings a lot of success to the Christopher table. And he’s eager to share his heart, his experience, and his love with other Christopher Leaders. He has a gift of teaching and a strong desire to work with others desiring to exercise their God-given entrepreneurial muscles!

He served as President and Managing Member of CFM Direct, a direct marketing agency dedicated to delivering innovative, insight-driven marketing campaigns for leading financial services organizations.
Focused on revenue growth through the consistent delivery of greater value to current clients and securing new business through our highly competitive value proposition. Since the sale of CFM Direct, Mike has volunteered with Christopher Leaders and launched two start up companies! Is that what we laymen would call high energy? Yes!

Mike’s specialties include: launching, nurturing and growing start-up organizations. Leading and mentoring account leadership teams to create raving relationships; Securing unique consumer insight to deliver offers and messages that resonate through an integrated marketing approach; driving teams to exceptional results; Public speaking, commercial voice over and on-camera experience.

But business success isn’t life’s chief end for Mike-It’s about bringing out the best in others and making it all count for God!

Father Jason MalaveFather Jason Malave

Biggest joy: “Celebrating the sacraments. It’s such a gift beyond gifts. The Eucharist, reconciliation, baptism or marriage — any time someone places themselves in my care, it’s a humbling, humbling experience.”

As the pastor of St. Benedict Parish in Chicago, Father Jason has always been receptive to Christopher  Leadership training in both Spanish and English for his volunteer leaders. The friendship grew over time and we discovered his spirit, love, spiritual guidance, and fellowship are exactly what we need to ensure that Christ stays the heart of Christopher! Father Jason is a true partner in our quest to serve with Faith, Courage, and Enthusiasm!

HeadshotsTom Rosenak

All of this? And Even more? My pity party is always busted by Christopher joy!

Tom took the Christopher Leadership Course in 1992 with a very narrow focus and desiring one skill. Included in the list of what he was NOT looking for (at least consciously): Get closer to God; Become part of a Network of Christophers; Accountability; Responsibility; Leadership Skills; A career in the training field; Friends that put God before lunch on a weekday.

Just give me the ability to stand in front of a group without fainting so I can find a job! That’s all I want!

I guess John Lennon had it right: “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

Always begin where we are, with what we have, doing what we CAN.

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